Early Childhood Classes

Making music and having fun together will hold center stage in these programs, but there is so much more going on!

As an Accredited Music Therapist, Miss Kaitlyn offers fun music programs that work alongside your child’s natural development. As instruments are played, songs are danced to, and scarves are swung, the children will be learning new elements of music and rhythm while also fine-tuning their motor skills. The communication, sharing, and emotional regulation encouraged by the music and activities will transfer to other elements of life. On top of just being fun, moving to music provides exercise and releases dopamine, that ‘feel good’ hormone. We will be dancing, singing, playing instruments, and so much more!

Summer programs are starting up soon, here’s where you can find us:

Contact Kaitlyn by email at prairiewindsmusic@gmail.com or by telephone at (403) 862-5826 with any questions, she can’t wait to meet you!

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